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    Default permanent residency

    Hi can i ask how many of you have or are waiting to get permanent residency before selling your house and if you are doing this how long to do get to do this before you are expected to move to New Zealand? Many thanks :icon_biggrin:

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    Default permanent residency


    We plan to apply before putting the house on the market, as we want to be able to buy more than 2 acres of land as soon as we get there and we can't do that if we don't have PR, and don't want to waste money renting int NZ waiting for it all to be processed.

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    Default permanent residency

    Hi Moley,
    We are in the process of collating all the stuff that goes together with applying for PR. We are also in the middle of "doing" :icon_rolleyes: up the house to sell and it should go on the market this month :icon_eek: icon_exclaim.gif .
    I have a job to go to that starts in Jan 2006 and so we really need to be doing both simultaniously.
    I think you have a year when you get your passport stamped to get over there, but i am sure someone will correct me if i am wrong :icon_wink:,also when you get your application to apply for PR you have 4 months to submit it from the date it was sent, HTH.

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    Default permanent residency

    Yes, we've done it that way. We wanted the certainty PR gives before selling up.

    Accepted an offer on the house on Saturday, its a very short chain so fingers crossed will be sweet and we'll be in Chch in 6 to 8 weeks :118:

    Rest of dates in sig.


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    Default PR

    I'm sure everbodies experiance is different but we applied for PR back in Autumn of last year and were advised we'd hear one way or the other by Feb 2005. We started chasing and about 4 weeks ago were advised that our case may 'be looked at' in about Sept. So big surprise when only last week, out of the blue, we were told that we have been granted PR.

    We're over thge moon now and its all systems go, but we got so impatient that we had already put house on market and were going to move on visitor permit anyway. We also have a buyer now, so alls fallen into place.

    We wanted the comfort of having PR before we went, mainly to make it easier to get two boys into school and remove the house buying restrictions. Also, of course the nightmare situation of having the PR refused whilst 'in country', though in that situation we would opted for EOI via a job and the working visa route.

    Situations different for everone, but if your keen to move PR make take longer than you hoped, and it may be worth looking at the other options, they may seem scary to start with but you could get there quicker.

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    Default permanent residency

    We're planning to rent our house out for a couple of years, in case things don't work out in NZ. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to afford to return & own a house. In the meantime we may use some of the equity to put a down payment on property in NZ.

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    Default permanent residency

    We are also waiting for PR before moving. Hoping to move in Feb 2006 as we have another baby due on January 1st. We also have a job offer but as the offer is from a good friend he will keep it open until everything is sorted out here.

    We're hoping to finish decorating and get the house on the market by the end of the summer.

    Good luck ::):

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