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    Default Money Money Money!!!

    Sorry but can i be cheeky and ask you kind people a few questions. Up front and in preparation to move to new zealand how much money can we expect to spend. I know some things can be paid for out the sale of the house but obviously there will be things before hand. Sorry just trying to work out if we would have enough saved up, and wondering how others cope with the bills. Also whilst on a role how have some of you worked out the selling of the house and the move? Have you had to sell and move in with family or friends or rent or has it fallen that you could just fly off straight away with no problem. Another thing i wanted to ask is we think that after the sale of our house and everything paid for we should have about 70 thousand pounds left. Do you think this would be enough to live on if and when we got to new zealand?? We are a family of 4. Sorry about the questions i know some of them must sound daft. Just trying to get things sorted out in our heads. Many thanks in advance. :icon_biggrin:

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    Default Money Money Money!!!

    Hi Moley,
    ?70,000 currently works out at about $182,000 - ample money to get to NZ and survive for a while! Obviously, it depends on how long you intend to live here before you find a job, and how much you want to put towards a house if you plan to buy. Your main outgoings will be rent/bills and food when you first get here.
    We are a family of three, and we came over with far less than that, and we managed for 6 months before Taffy got a job - although granted we don't have much left for a deposit on a house :icon_frown:
    You can expect to pay a few thousand for all your flights to get to NZ (bearing in mind that, unless you have PR before you leave, you will have to purchase return tickets). Then you've got the costs of any visas you may have to apply for.... and the cost of shipping any stuff over from the UK, which again can be a few thousand, depending how much you are bringing over....
    Sorry to be a bit vague, but it really depends on individual circumstances - but with the money that you have, I'd say you should be fine!
    With regards to the selling house/moving to NZ question, we sold our house, moved in with the rellies for a few weeks then upped and went to NZ when everything was sorted. I think this is quite common - it's all a matter of timing!
    Incidentally, in case you haven't already thought of it, have you considered how you will be transferring all your money to NZ? You can open a NZ bank account from the UK, but there is a limit as to how much you can deposit until you arrive in NZ, so you will have to arrange to transfer any remainder after you get here......
    OK, I'm droning on now, I'll shut up and let someone else get a post in :icon_redface:

    HTH ::):

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    Default Money Money Money!!!

    Hmmm well by the time you've given Taffy and Welshgirl 10k each for there services and me 20k for making the forum a safer place, I'd say you'll still have enough to get by. :icon_lol:
    I think a few of us will have about 10k when we go and are hoping that it will last us a month or two before we have to get a job. Just depends what your exact plans are really with regards work/mortgage/house aspirations etc.
    With regards completion and flying and the interim, we are planning to tour about the UK saying goodbye and stuff while eveything wraps up, we also have to pop over to holland and see some folks over there, so really a giant holiday before the hectic schedule starts. I'm sure it'll be nice being in NZ when we arrive but there's so much to do, it's hardly gonna be unstressful :icon_sad:

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