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Thread: What do I do first?

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    Default What do I do first?

    My wife, son & I are thinking seriously about moving out to NZ. What should we be doing as a first step? :icon_question:

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    Default What do I do first?

    Firstly, and as I expect your already doing it 'cos your here, is to as much reading around NZ as possible, web sites like this, NZ employment agency sites, real estate sites etc. In fact here in this forum is probably the best place!

    Good Luck

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    Default What do I do first?

    Have you visited yet? I realize that it isn't cheap to go over, but it can be difficult to know it's where you want to be if you haven't experienced it. A visit would be cheaper in the long run than moving here and then finding out it's not for you.
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    Default What do I do first? - this is the New Zealand Immigration Service website. If you click on this link, then click on 'Skilled Migrant Category Points Indicator' (on the menu on the left), you can run through and see if you would score enough points to apply for Residency. You need to score 100 points at the moment in order to be eligible to apply for Residency.
    If you do come over on a Visitors Visa, if you are a Resident of the UK, you will be allowed to stay for 6 months. If you want to work during that time, you will have to apply for a Working Holiday Visa.
    Your best bet at the moment is to have a look around the Immigration website and see what your best options are, because there are other ways of getting over here (and staying over here!).
    Good luck! :icon_biggrin:


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