Hi everyone...

new here. Just submitted the EOI on 20th June and selected on 23rd. Now waiting for the ITA.
I am an IT professional and my work is listed in LTSSL and ISSL. But I dont have the "recommended" qualification of a bachelors degree in IT. My degree is non-IT but I did a Diploma and advanced diploma in IT (not recognised). Plus I have various IT certifications like MCSE, CNE etc.
I have an IT job offer in Auckland and my employer has clearly stated that my expertise and qualifications are hard to find and that the position has been advertised for the past 4 months without any success.
During my job-hunt in NZ I had got similar feedback from other employers also that my skills and experience are in demand.

So the question is:
will NZIS consider my "other" qualifications and let me in?
I will be applying for a work-visa tomorrow cos my employer is quite desperate and cant wait for the PR. But the same "recommended qual" rule would probably apply for the work-visa also...

any help (read: reassurances) would be very helpful ...