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Thread: Help on Going to New Zealand

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    Default Help on Going to New Zealand


    Iam a newbie to this site, and was wondering if anyone could help me.

    We (my family) are thinking of moving to New Zealand. We are from Zimbabwe, and have been living in South Africa for four years. As you may or may not know, the situation in Zimbabwe is HORRIFIC and we CANNOT return. However, the situation in South Africa isn't any better. My husband and I were hi-jacked at gunpoint last year, while our little boy was stuck in the car with the hi-jackers. and recently, we were all attacked and robbed in our house, also at gun point. I cannot continue living in constant fear, and this is no place to raise a familly!!
    We are therefore thinking of going to New Zealand. My little boy and I can leave as soon as possible on holiday, and we do not require visas (SA passport). Can I go on holiday and look for a job, obtain a work permit and then sponsor my husband to join me - who is on a Zimbabwean passport? We do have friends in NZ who are willing to accommodate us and assist financially. But I would like to know if the steps Iam thinking of are correct and will they work out for us....once we get work permits etc...surely we can settle down. Obviously I will have all the paperwork neccessary for that, like medicals and x-rays and clearances done etc...etc...
    Thanks for any help, input, ideas...etc...
    All the best.

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    Default Help on Going to New Zealand


    I'm really sorry to hear about the trauma you're having over there. It sounds like you have researched pretty well and the steps you have outlined seem to be o.k. Bear in mind that in order to get work permits it has to be a certain type of job often unless you have particular qualifications. If you haven't already I would try and pin point specific requirements relevant to your situation on the website.
    Hope this helps and feel free to ellaborate a little more if you want further help on here, I'm sure some others will have ideas also. Keep your chin up although it must be hard at times.

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    Default Moving to New Zealand

    Thank you SteveyC for the input and ecouragement.

    Iam 29 and have international travel qualifications, I also speak fluent French, so could get a job either in tourism or better still at one of the foreign embassies. I am also studying early child development and child psychology.

    My husband in in the multi-media industry (animation, graphics, editing, post production, 3D Studio Max, Flame etc.....) and has been in the industry for years. Although he has no formal qualifications - he does have the KNOW-HOW and many years of experience behind him.

    Iam thinking of leaving in the next four months, but if I leave, it's NOT to come back. I need to get all my paper work in order, make sure I have all the right stuff, to avoid any hassles when I get there. If you see what I mean.

    Thanks for all your help - it's great to get that extra push towards the positive!!!



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