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Thread: ....without using a container?

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    Default ....without using a container?

    Is there any other way of getting stuff over there, when you think about all clothes etc. taking up baggage allowance, how then do I get other stuff over. It is such a small list, I can't possibly fork out for a huge container. I also need some things immediately on arrival. Here's the list.
    2 Car Seats
    Djembe (small srum)
    X-Box and a few games
    PC (base unit only) - maybe I should just take hard-drive, would this work?

    Could any of this be taken as excess baggage? How much are charges generally?

    I think the pushchair may not be an issue as we took one to the canaries with no extra cost.

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    Default ....without using a container?

    Most hard drives will fit in most computers, alternatively you could burn all your important files to CD, or mail them to yourself using a web based email system and down load them later,

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    Default ....without using a container?

    Stevey, have you tried this company

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    Default ....without using a container?

    Have you considered flying with Air New Zealand. There baggage allowance is huge. And I quote

    The free allowance in all classes of travel is 2 pieces of baggage per person

    * No single piece of baggage should weigh more than 32kg
    * Each piece should not exceed total dimensions (length + width + height) of 158cm (62")
    * Star Alliance Gold Customers (including Airpoints Gold and Gold Elite) are permitted one additional piece of baggage with the same conditions as above
    * Infants are permitted one piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 32kg and maximum total dimensions (length + width + height) of 115cm (45"), plus either an infant's car seat or a collapsible umbrella stroller.

    Thats 64 kg EACH! We had six in our party, but we couldnt get it upto 384Kg, despite all the Cadbury & Thorntons chocolates that were on NZers "wish list".

    I dont think anything you plan to take is out of the ordinary, the guy in front of us at Heathrow was checking in a box of Oysters. And before anybody shouts about importing these into NZ, he was getting off at LA.



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    Default ....without using a container?

    we've been in touch with a few removal firms as we are still trying to decide what to take. ( including motor bike). Some removal firms offer tea chests at a reasonable price. I am sure you could fit Xbox CDs and hard drive into 1 or 2 chests.

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    Default ....without using a container?

    Did Taffy not post a messge on this subject saying that they took a few big boxes that they'd got from a firm and the whole kit and kaboodle was shipped to Auckland for a couple of hundred quid.

    I might be wrong...

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    Default ....without using a container?

    Taffy did say that, you will have to ask Taffy or do a search of his old posts :icon_eek: icon_exclaim.gif

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    Default ....without using a container?

    Taffy and I used Bargate International and would recommend them - we packed seven ordinary cardboard boxes and they shipped them to Aucks in just over a month - cost us about ?250 if I remember rightly...... I think they'll pick up from almost anywhere in the UK but you'll have to check with them. Don't forget to keep a full inventory of anything in the boxes, a) for MAF purposes and b) to check everything is there when it gets to NZ!

    Contact Bargate on 01604 679500 or their website is

    HTH :icon_biggrin:

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