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    Default PR today

    [color=darkblue:c8c982efb8]Am very pleased to say that we got PR today..... Many thanks to the everyone who shared their information, advice and ideas.

    Submitted EOI Feb 2004. 105 points. No job offer. Not POL.
    EOI extended by NZIS June 2004
    Selected from pool 1 Sept 2004
    Recieved ITA 17 Dec 2004
    Returned ITA 23 Feb 2005
    Interview 15 March 2005
    PR in Principle 9 June 2005

    Although we had the i/v in March, one of our kids had to have surgery in April and NZIS asked us to wait until he was discharged by his surgeon. I reckon we must qualify for the longest running application on the books to date!

    :icon_lol: It would be a shame to rush the move now!:icon_lol: [/color:c8c982efb8][list:c8c982efb8][/list:u:c8c982efb8]

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    Default PR today

    well done, that's great news..

    Can't wait till I get to make a post like that..
    It's really starting to make me envious all you lot that are good to go..

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    Default PR today

    :040: :043:
    Best of luck for the future in NZ :038:

    The feeling is great when you get PR...... :icon_razz:

    I can't wait to go....We have set the date for the end of Jan 06....but I want to go NOW!!!!!! Although I realise that there is so much to sort out first and I have to be patient (not my best quality).

    This forum has been a fantastic help......I think I would have been lost and very confused had it not been for this site and everyones help.

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    Default PR today

    CONGRATULATIONS :icon_razz: Well done!!!!!
    And yes also for us : wish I will make a post like yours on day.
    Enjoy the feeling and the blue visa!!

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    Default PR today

    Congrats on your PR - excellent news :icon_biggrin:

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    Default PR today

    Wow, I envy your patience. Good luck with everything else. Hope your kids recovered well too. :smiley20:

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    Default PR today

    Thanks for the support guys - I always knew this was THE friendliest forum!

    I'm not sure we deserve praise for being patient - much of it has been out of our control. And with 105 points, we pretty much gave up hope when they made the first draws at 195!

    All the fun starts now! We're hoping to move early in 2006, but no doubt will remain in close touch with the forum to monitor latest news, views and trends.......


    ps. Thanks for asking SteveyC - little fella was as right as rain within a day or two (although he's been milking it for weeks since!)

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