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    Default Job offer

    :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:
    Well its only been six weeks since my interview and they have finally given me the answer that i had hoped for.
    "[b:1eed82a92f]the man from New Zealand, he say yes"[/b:1eed82a92f]
    They have offered my Auckland prison,but its in the Albany area!
    Does anybody know what its like there?
    Schools etc in fact everything you can think of!
    any info will be most welcome :icon_eek: icon_exclaim.gif .

    I am so happy i could crush a grape :icon_rolleyes: ::):

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    Default Job offer

    Congratulations Mate..

    Thats great news,..

    Who cares what Albany's like,.. It's got to be better than here...!!!!!

    Seriously though, I think thats one of the better areas is it not?
    I'm sure I remember speaking to a guy at the Expo last year at Earls Court and when talking about Auckland , Albany was mentioned and I'm fairly sure it was in a positive way.

    I'm sure a more definitive and useful answer will follow shortly from the usual suspects... Well done on the job though..

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    Default Job offer

    OOps, i didn't mean for it to sound negative when i said Albany.
    Its great that i have been given the offer, just one small hoop to jump through now and thats the dreaded "I" word :icon_confused:
    I did ask for a place around the Hamiliton area, but theat was obviously not to be, thanks Taffy for giving the info though. All my research has been done around Hamiliton, so now i guess i'll have to concentrate on Auckland/Albany.
    The job is to start around January time so i doubt we will get to the Christmas get together :icon_cry: .
    Any more info on the Auckland/Albany area would be greatly appreciated.
    Ta for now

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