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Thread: Which is better?

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    Default Which is better?

    hope someone can help, slowly going through mountain of paperwork, but have got as far as ITA.

    which is better to apply to schools independently to obtain job or go through agency??
    Are the schools more likely to go through an agency, because I have spoken to two agencies and funny enough both of them told me that the NZ education authority turn to them first as they supply the majority of the overseas teachers. ( now I am not a maths teacher, but is it not a bit difficult for both of them to supply a majority! so one is telling the truth or they are both lying in the hope I sign up to them and then end up getting a bill for their services)

    Hope someone will make this clearer for me!

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    Default Which is better?

    Every agent will always tell you they are the best, its what they do!!

    From my experience, employers are fine if you approach them directly, and it can also go in your favour. If that particular school only uses an agency, they will give you the contact details.

    So the advice, make use of both methods!!

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