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Thread: 10 months in Wellington - an update!

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    Default 10 months in Wellington - an update!

    Hi everyone!

    I thought I'd give you all an update on how we're getting on (thanks Welshgirl for the nudge!) after 10 months in NZ. (Sorry for not beng on here too much lately - as you can imagine, getting into the kiwi lifestyle takes up a lot of your time!!)

    So, where did I leave off last time I wrote on here? er.... well, I got a new job in February (yay!) so instead of working from home and not meeting many people, I'm now working in a great office in the city and met some really nice people. I love my work now, and we have drinks up on the roof terrace on Friday nights with the rest of the staff and it's a really great atmosphere.

    We're really getting into the kiwi way of life and doing way more outdoor stuff than we ever used to - Daz has been windsurfing, he's bought a mountain bike and been out around the coast and over the hills of Welly getting covered in mud, weve bought fishing rods and been out fishing (although haven't caught anything big enough to eat yet! We're waiting for the big one.... :icon_wink: :icon_lol: ), been out kayaking, on the beach, out for walks along the harbour and around the city, and just generally having a really good time. We love Wellington - the city is great with loads of shops, restaurants and bars, and a great cafe-culture and really friendly feel to it.

    We're really settled here and all we need now is our PR to come through and we'll be here forever! My parents came over to visit a few weeks ago and we toured around the North Island in a campervan to show them some of the things that we saw the first time we were here in 2001, that made us want to come out here to live, and now they completely understand which is good.

    So all in all we're really happy here and certain that we made the right decision in coming out here.

    Good luck to everyone in the process - if you've got any questions, just give me a shout.

    Hope to see you out here soon (and at Taffy and Welshgirl's bbq at Xmas!)


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    Default 10 months in Wellington - an update!

    Hi Jodie,

    great to here some good news of someone that is happy and relaxed and enjoys outdoor. Your post breath out the "laid back" a attitude them I am looking forward to so much !

    Good luck.

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