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When is a potential immigrant to New Zealand considered to be a potential burden for the health care system there?

One of our clients and his family are thinking about moving to New Zealand to farm there. One of his daughters, 21 years old, had a liver transplantation 4 years ago, which was succesful. But like all persons who have had an organ transplantation she will always have to use certain expensive types of medicine to avoid medical problems. Can people like her pass the health test of the New Zealand Immigration Service? Are there ways for her to emigrate to New Zealand?

Our client would like to find out first whether his daughter's health status is an obstacle for immigration to New Zealand or not, before he wants to go through the whole application process. Can we have his daughter's medical information assessed first, somehow, before we continue to any next step? Are the medical forms and certificates that must be filled in for an immigration application, available on the NZ Immigration Service website?
Who is or who are the consultant physician(s) who determine(s) whether or not someone passes the health requirements of the New Zealand Immigration Service?

In advance I thank you very much for your help!