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Thread: Are the employers cruel?

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    Default Are the employers cruel?

    I have just read someones story online of their experiences of living in NZ.

    They suggested not to leave the UK without PR as it's a nightmare to get it once you are there, red tape, which is scary as this was our intention :009: Also they said that employers treat you really badly and can sack you if you don't do it the NZ style. And just when you think that was enough they then try to make sure you don't get another job. hopefully this is just one persons opinion. Has anyone else had these struggles?

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    Default Are the employers cruel?

    I hope this isn't a general rule and just a case of a clash of personality which has left one immigrant more than just a shade hacked off.

    I think if this was a common thing we'd be hearing a lot more about it than this one case.

    I haven't read the case you're on about, but I think I can imagine the type of person involved.

    They were probably the type that goes on holiday to Spain and spends the whole time looking for a "decent cup of tea" and every meal is fish and chips or steak and chips from "Ye Olde English Cookhouse"...

    I might be wrong and I'm sure some migrants do have genuine problems but I'm sure they are few and far between.

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    Default Are the employers cruel?

    Oh that kind of person. Your probably right just a little Paranoia sneaking in! I'm ok now thanks ::):

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    Default Are the employers cruel?


    My employer isnt cruel at all. He's gone out of his way to help us with our work permits and residency application, and listens to my comments / suggestions on work stuff etc, but I also listen to him as some of the ways of working just dont make sense to me, but I accept thats the way things are, and actually ENJOY the difference to working for a UK employer!!

    Craigbalsillie was most likely right on the button. Most kiwi businesses like to hear input from 'foreigners' as there can be valuable information from a different marketplace that can help them out, but it sounds like that guy was a bit 'British or nothing', complaining about work practises, rather than accepting them.

    It's nothing to do with cruel employers. No matter where you are, if you start work in someones business, and insult their way of working, you're not going to be popular!

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default Are the employers cruel?

    I was mildly shocked by some of the practices. I mean, you know it's a laid back society, but to see it in the workplace was pretty cool. It has it's benefits and drawbacks of course.

    For work applications in the US I think I'll now have to answer yes to: [i:cffb9307fb]Have you ever consumed alcohol while on the job?[/i:cffb9307fb] They were just handing the stuff out. (If you live here it was like the Lion Red commercials with the new guy at work...without the sausage barbeque)

    Of course I didn't consume alcohol in a US job. I did it in a country where it's accepted.....Gee I hope I never see that question again!! :icon_cool:

    That being said, Kiwis seem to consume alcohol pretty responsibly. But maybe that's b/c I'm with the "responsible" crowd that doesn't get drunk.

    Ok, now to the real "on the job compromise" part of my post:

    I've been able to get a policy changed at my job. It had been there for 18 months or so, and nobody knew why it was that specific amount. But prices had changed since then, I saw it was out of date, brought it up and boom! within 2 weeks it was changed. That was pretty cool to see a big company work that quickly (of course other areas they are as slow as can be expected).

    Innovation and learning from other cultures is a huge part of Kiwi culture, and it definitely carries over into the work place.

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