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    Just wondering if there is the same level of difficulty in registering with a dentist in NZ, or are there plenty to go round?

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    Default Dentists

    Hi Moggy,

    We saw an article on the news the other night about this exact subject.
    Some areas of NZ are currently suffering a distinct lack of dentists who will take on adult patients (children, for some reason, are not a problem, which is probably a good thing.....). There are some dentists who are actually looking to retire but are unable to do so because they have no-one available to take over their practice. They have a big recruitment drive on at the moment to entice dentists to come and work in NZ.
    Having said that, I got the impression that the areas worse off for dentists are the more rural areas, because no-one wants to work there as the potential is not there to make enough profit.
    To sum it all up. I guess it depends where you live really! I wasn't on the ball enough to make a list of the areas they named that are short of adult dentists.... I should imagine that, providing you're willing to pay, you will find somewhere that will take you on.

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