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Thread: Moving issues

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    Default Moving issues

    Hi all
    We should hopefully be granted PR in the next few weeks so my attention is now focused on the logistics of moving to NZ. We have'nt managed to sell our flat yet and could do with the money from the sale to fund our move. I need to be getting out there soon as my job offer is only valid for a limited time so I'm contemplating some sort of loan to pay for the move and just deal with the flat sale from NZ.Anyone had experience of this? if so any tips would be greatly apprieciated.Also any recommendations of shipping firms would be great.
    Stan :icon_lol:

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    Default Moving issues

    Hi Stan,

    I'm not sure getting a loan is the best way to go. Consider events such as your home not selling for months on end, and the logistics of paying a loan from New Zealand (remember your repayment will be 2.6x the amount when converted to NZD!)

    Our friends came over before selling their house, and it took 11 months to sell after they had left, nearly crippling them financially.

    I guess it's up to your personal financial situation on whether you take the gamble.

    As for movers, we used Bargate International, who were very well priced and our goods arrived in the condition they were packed in! Except a little dusty...

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default Moving issues

    Thanks Taffy
    I'll keep my fingers crossed the housing market picks up soon!

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    Default Shipping firms

    We got four quotes Crown Pickfords Whites and Curtiss.

    We used Curtiss by far the best Price 20ft container to Auckland ?2800,its not arrived yet but they were great lads ( I found them on another furom.

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    Default Moving issues

    We also used Curtiss,

    40ft container,?4300 including a car

    all arrived ok except a chipped dinner plate and a broken vase... :icon_biggrin:


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