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Thread: Got to get out !!!

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    Default Got to get out !!!

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Sara and my husband is Ian we have three girls Antonia 14, Rebekah 12 and Kate 8. We live in South Yorkshire and would love to start a new life in New Zealand. It has always been there at the back of our minds but never seemed like the right time. Ian is 37 and I'm 35 and we our lucky that the house prices in our area have increased. So we thought now or never! unfortunatly, Ian has no formal qualifications with his job and I have not completed my degree yet ( I'm a late starter) Ian has a well paid job in management in the telecommunications industry and has worked hard through the ranks. I think the only way for us, is for Ian to get a job offer and go the work to residency route. Hopefully he can find an accredited employer to take him on. I hope to complete my degree on a student visa while out there.

    We are fed up with our family time suffering because of Ian's ever growing work comitments and are sick of the materialism in the UK. :smiley5: We just want our kids to live in a safer enviroment and live a more simplistic life. maybe a bit of land, a pony and a couple of chucks would be nice :117:

    Money and the decrease in salary will not be a concern, as long as I can feed and clothe the kids and spend quality time together we will be happy. After all they will be grown and gone before we know it, and life is a gift not to be wasted, an adventure! I feel we have realistic views on what life could hold in NZ. I know there will still be crime and the weather will sometimes be as it is in England (rain) I don't expect paradise, just a bit more quality. I'm sure we will never be rich with the dollar just with the time I have with the people I love. :057:

    This is a great forum and we are looking forward to chatting with all you people :icon_razz: Sara & Ian

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    Default Got to get out !!!


    I guess we aren't too far away from you, near Leeds. We are a bit further down the road, though haven't made the final decision to emmigrate yet. I am being cautious and investigating everything thoroughly. We have just returned from a fact finding mission to the South Island and liked most of what we found.

    Coincidentally enough, my husband is also in telecoms & often works in South Yorkshire.

    Drop me a pm if you want to chat


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