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Thread: Where do we start?

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    Default Where do we start?

    Hi there,

    We hope you can help us. We have decided we would really like to move to NZ and have completed the Points Indicator. We scored just 100 point on age, basic qualification and duration of experience and second qualification (we both have a basic qual).

    We figure Skilled Migrant is our best option but do not know if what we have to offer is enough. We feel like we aren't offering much. Can anyone tell us if this is a substantial enough footing on which to submit an EOI?

    Also, is it worth approaching one of the many of the organisations offering help on emigrating and finding work?

    I am sure we have many more questions so any help would greatly be appreciated.

    Helen and Mike

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    Default Where do we start?


    If you both have degrees ('basic qualifications'!), then you must have something to offer NZ! What are your areas of work?

    I wouldnt go with one of those companies, unless you get really really stuck with it all.

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default Where do we start?

    Hi Taffy,

    Thanks for the quick response. My degree is in Tourism Business Management and I have been working as a Visitor Centre Manager for the past year.

    My husbands degree is in Food Retail Management and he has been working for a Garden Centre chain for nearly 3yrs, first as a Graduate Management Trainee and the last two-ish as a Deputy Manager and Department Manager.

    I have just turned 25 and he will be 25 in July so I guess we have age on our side. I have been looking for jobs ad there are vacancies in the area I want to pursue bt that is slightly different from my degree topic (Ranger/Warden for Countryside).

    Do we need jobs when we apply? If we get offered a permit and we move without a job but can support ourselves can we get any job whilst looking for one in our area?

    Sorry for all the uestions we just dont really know where to start or who to ask.

    Many thanks, Helen.

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    Default Where do we start?

    Hi Helen,

    If you've scored 100 points then you can submit your application. We were selected last week without jobs and on 100 points!!!

    There are two permits they offer - residency and work to residency. The first one allows you to move over and I think you have to get a job within 2 years.

    The second you have 6 months to get employment.

    hope this helps :icon_lol:

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    Default Where do we start?

    Hi Joelle,

    Thanks for the reply. I don't think we qualify for the Work to Residence so would be applying under the EOI route. All we have to do now is make the decision to go.

    Cheers, helen

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