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Thread: I feel like retarded filling in the EOI

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    Default I feel like retarded filling in the EOI

    Hi there,

    please...... I am trying to claim bonus points for my partner (being a principal applicant). His basic qualification - Diploma in Technology and Management - should be Level 5?, but it is not on the list of approved qualifications. Do I need to have it assesed before filling in the EOI ? (How?) Does NZIS do it when they receive my EOI ? .....or what?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Default Eoi

    I know how you feel Maka. I am having a problem with the "other family members". Who do they mean by that? Do they mean my grandad,great grandad,Brothers,sisters,Father,Mother, [b:e3060a8295]WHAT[/b:e3060a8295] ,everyone that is still alive in my family or only those that will be going? :icon_confused: .
    Also in the employment section it asks if you have a job offer, which i might have in two weeks, and then goes on to ask how many years i have worked in new zealand(compulsory question), it says leave blank all questions in section[b:e3060a8295] E[/b:e3060a8295], but if you do that it tells you its not completed!!!!!!
    Can anyone shed light on this??????
    Please help meeeeeeeee! :icon_eek: icon_exclaim.gif :icon_eek: icon_exclaim.gif

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    Default I feel like retarded filling in the EOI

    I had difficulty too with the employment section..i emailed NZIS and they said to complete the whole of part E even if you've never worked in NZ before

    hope that helps!!

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