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    Default pet transport

    Hi, Can anyone give us details of reccommended companies as we want to take our Pooch with us. Any one had any good quotes or experience of this?

    Also any nfo on Packing Companies would be greatly appreciated...dont know where to begin. our location is southwest of England...heading out to Hawkes Bay October 2005.
    thanks :icon_biggrin:

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    Default pet transport

    I think Golden Arrow are the pet shippers of choice, and we used Bargate International as our goods shippers, who were quite cheap and very helpful.

    Hope that helps :icon_wink:

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    Default Pet Transport

    We have had a quote from Airpets for transporting our dog to Nelson,afraid it was quite expensive at ?2,000.having said that it did include all the injections & testing that needs to be done etc.
    They can give you a quote over the internet,you just need the measurements of your pet.
    We are going to try to do as much as we can ourselves as luckily my Dad used to export dogs to America so he has some useful contacts!
    It's a good idea to do a search on google as there are quite a lot of companies that advertise over the net.

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