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Thread: How much money do we need?

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    Default How much money do we need?

    I have read in several places that there is no 'set' amount of money you need, to be able to gain residency, but it is advisable to have enough money to last for three months. I have been reading through my ITA papers and I have noticed that part of the declaration states that you must be able to support yourself for 24months......I will stay with my sister until secured employment, which I want to do ASAP. Does this mean I have to meet a minimum requirement for financial stability? This is confusing me :017: HELP!!!

    Also, proof required for employment history;
    Can I provide a letter from my current employer and my previous employer stating the date I started (and finished for my previous employer), include details of job decription and wage earned? Will this be sufficient? I feel it should as this will be on headed paper and can be verified if required.

    Sorry to be a pain....its just very confusing....but exciting at the same time.

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    Default How much money do we need?


    As far as I'm aware NZIS do not ask to see any bank statements . You will have a phone interview after you submit your ITA, if you don't have a job offer. they use this interview to gauge how well you will settle into NZ. This would be your opportunty to explain how you will find work, your family support, savings etc.

    With regards to employment history, in addition to what you have stated, I would also include payslips and P45s. If you haven't kept any of these (tut tut :icon_wink: ) you can call the IR and they will send you a print out of your employment history. It's not great and a bit complicated, but better than nothing.

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