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Thread: Did anyone see "A Place in the Sun" on Wenesday

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    Default Did anyone see "A Place in the Sun" on Wenesday

    I was , unfortunately, sunning myself in a villa in Spain on Wednesday night so I missed it. It featured a woman moving to Auckland and looking to buy a pad in quicktime..

    I just wondered if she did it and if so, where she bought etc..

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    Default We did

    It was very interesting, to us anyway. She had a job offer and needed to start in four weeks. She went over with her daughter to meet Amanda Lamb and they were shown a variety of different properties. Her daughter seemed very negative about the whole thing really. Anyway at the end of the programme she said she had changed her mind about moving as she couldn't move away from her family. :icon_eek: icon_exclaim.gif Maybe she just wanted a freebie holiday!!


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    Default Did anyone see "A Place in the Sun" on Wenesday

    Further to Bikershaz' post, she had about ?200,000 to spend. She looked at a city centre two-bed apartment with communal gym and swimming pool (a little pokey). A 3bed house needing a lick of paint in a nice residential street in Howick - 15mins commute and 5 mins from beach. An architect-designed 'bush' house in Titirangi they said though I thought it was the Waitekes personally (she didn't like the decor). Another rather normal-looking house in a residential street in Titirangi which she liked but did not really want the hassle of updating the kitchen and bathroom.

    Auckland looked stunning with lovely weather. Wish they had another couple on and made the programme last half an hour longer.
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    Default Did anyone see "A Place in the Sun" on Wenesday

    They could have got someone on who really wanted to go.
    An hour long episode would be better :icon_biggrin:

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