Hello-We are hoping to move our family, (2 children ages 3&5) to New Zealand soon. We have definitely interested in the North Island..somewhere. We are moving from Alaska and are currently living in Southeast Alaska so we are accostumed to a slower pace of life, high cost of living and some islolation. We want to get out of Southeast AK for a bit and get some sunshine!!!!

My husband is a Social Worker with a Graduate degree. It looks like there have been a steady stream of jobs available in his field. I am a Special Education teacher with a Graduate degree. We began the EOI process last night. My question is which scenario would you recommend:

1-Apply for a skilled worker permit for my husband, his occupation is on the Long list, he had 105 points without completing the nzqa info for himslef and I..I think the points will be higher once we have the NZQA. Anyway take a worker permit and roam around the country looking for a job??? We have some money saved enough to get by for a month or so but we would need to get settled soon.

2-Get the job and then move our family over without knowing the area.

3- Should I apply for a tourist visa and then if I get a job can I change the tourist visa to a worker permit??? I don't plan on working right away, I want to get my kiddos settled first but can I change the visa when I am over there??

A previsit is out of the question as we would need to get 4 tickets and it would reduce our savings.

thanks for any advice