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Thread: The mystery of EOI Processing!

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    Default The mystery of EOI Processing!

    Hi all,

    I've been doing some detailed research in to the hows and what fors of the EOI, and for anyone who's slightly confused about all the apparently random timescales of processing, this should help explain!

    As most of you know, when submitting your EOI, you have a certain number of points. Points are not the be all and end all as NZIS have a ranking system which guides them through the rest of the process. In brief, this is how it works:

    EOI's get submitted in to the EOI pool

    EOI's are then assessed by NZIS based on number of points, background, skills, job offer etc.

    EOI's are then ranked by NZIS for suitability and those most likely to settle successfully in New Zealand.

    People who submit EOIs with a high number of points get assessed first, and so on down the scale to 100 points. Then, all applications on the same level of points (eg 2 people with an EOI worth 160 points) are individually assessed, and the person with the most chance of succeeding gets ranked higher.

    The highest ranked people will then be processed first, and then they work down the ranks to the people who have the least offerings.

    People without job offers are ranked much lower than others, as not having a job could mean you struggling when you get here, and your application is assessed in much greater detail to see whether or not your skills will likely help you find employment quickly (else you may be offered a work permit, instead of residency).

    So you see, it doesnt matter when you submitted your EOI, as the ranking system takes priority over any time scale. People with job offers, highly qualified and scoring 200+ points will be processed first. People with 100 points and without a job offer are stuck at the back of the queue, behind people WITH job offers, also scoring 100 points.

    There is method in the madness, and without having access to every application that gets processed by NZIS, there is no way to predict how long your application will take.

    Once you are selected from the pool, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to check your application before you will know anything further.

    Sit tight, they'll be with you as soon as they can!

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default The mystery of EOI Processing!

    Fantastic advice and great news for me (sort of) cos I get 105 points with a job offer. Just gotta get the job now.

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    Default EOI POOL

    Taffy, i have just come back from a joint NZIS/corrections seminar where the pool system was explained and it is basically what you said. However everyone that qualifies for the pool gets put in and prior to the fortnightly draw they set a benchmark of points, if anyone is below that points threshold they will not invite applicants to go for ITA. Every two weeks a new benchmark figure is set and so it could be lower the next time round and you could be successful. However if have not been selected after 3 months of being in the pool, then your time is up (apparently) and you have missed the boat.
    Hope that helps a bit more???? :icon_sad:


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    Default The mystery of EOI Processing!

    Thanks for that Taffy, very useful, but......
    I am looking to move out in 2007 as my wife finishes her training then (March I think). So what I want to know is: how long have other people had to wait until their EOI was selected?
    I am itching to apply (lived there for a year before and we wish we'd never come back) but if the time for our EOI to get selected is really short, we could end up getting PR too early and not being able to go within the 12 months.
    I am on 100 points ATM with no job offer. If other people have had to wait, say, 6 months until they were selected, then I could apply now, get selected (fingers crossed) in 6 months, get the ITA, wait a few months to send that off by which time we'd be well into 2006 and so the 12 month period would run into 2007.
    Basically, should I just sit it out for a few more months (and go mad not doing anything) or should I be OK time-wise if I send the EOI in now?

    Any advice greatly appreciated,

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    Default eoi

    Coxy, As in my last post, your EOI only stays in the pool for a maximum of three months, so i would wait a little longer.
    Since september last year the mimimum points required to be drawn out of the pool have been 100, so lets hope it stays that way :icon_wink:

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    Default The mystery of EOI Processing!

    Thanks Skyblue.
    I just can't wait to get the ball rolling (must be more patient). I'll leave submitting the EOI to the autumn/winter then.

    I know there's probably no point asking this, but what are the chances of the minimum points staying at 100 till the end of the year?


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    Default EOI

    It has stayed low for quite some time so lets hope they keep it that way as i only have 115 points with a possible job offer, interview in New Zealand house on the 18th April :smiley17:

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    Default The mystery of EOI Processing!

    Hi Coxy,

    IMHO I wouldn't hang about with 100 points and I'd get that EOI in now! It's been at 100 since September and heaps of people have been invited to apply since then. To give you an idea of timescales we were selected on 1st Sep 04 and don't plan to move till Oct 06.

    If you have a 100 points and you submit your EOI now, you will be selected in the next draw (every 2 weeks) provided it stays at 100. Due to workloads at the NZIS I'd estimate it taking 6-8 weeks for them to send you an ITA. You would then have 4 months to complete and send the ITA. With no job offer you will be interviewed so lets say anoth 6-8 weeks to process the ITA and get to the 'approved in principal' stage. At that point you have a further 6 months to pay the migrant levey and get the stamps in your passport. When you have the stamps in your passport you have 12 months in which to enter NZ. As you can see, this takes you well into 2007.

    You could even delay it further by just going on holiday to NZ to activate your visa (within the 12 months) and then use your RRV to enter the country when you move permenantly, say 6 months later.

    Milliemoo :icon_wink:
    Fly to Auckland 12th Nov - Devonport here we come!

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    Default The mystery of EOI Processing!

    You're a Star! (of course I'm not going to get any work done now, while I finish my EOI)
    But please can you clarify the "6 months to pay the migrant levey" bit? I haven't read anything about that anywhere(?). long would you have to stay in the country if just going for a visit to get your RRV? (Would we all have to go (wife and two small kids)? Bit of a pain to take two small kids 12000 miles just to come back again. Although I will do it if I have to!)


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    Default latest draw

    The latest draw 30.3.2005 is below and still at 100 points, some things did not copy and paste well but you get the picture. :icon_biggrin:

    New Zealand Immigration Programme
    Fortnightly Residency Statistics ? 30 March 2005

    1. Selection 30 March 2005 ? Skilled Migrant Category
    The most recent selection of Expressions of Interest (EOI) under the Skilled Migrant Category took place on 30 March 2005. The selection point was 100.

    As a result, 856 EOIs, representing 2107 people, will now undergo preliminary verification to determine if an invitation to apply for residency will be issued.

    2. The make-up of selection
    Based on the information provided by applicants, the make-up of the 30 March 2005 selection is as follows:

    Onshore Offshore Total
    Number of EOIs 450 406 856
    Number claiming points for
    Employment under one year
    Employment over one year
    Job offer
    Total with job/job offer

    EOIs without job offers 56 351 407

    3. Nationality composition
    Expressions of Interest Selected
    By nationality
    30 March 2005

    4. Statistics since December 2003
    Since the Skilled Migrant Category opened in December 2003, a total of 20,469 EOIs, representing 50,515 people, have been selected.

    Approximately 78 percent of those EOIs selected have been verified (stage five below). Of these, 84 percent have been invited to apply (stage six below) while the remaining 16 percent were returned to the pool, declined or withdrawn.

    5. Pool draws since February 2004
    There have been 30 pool draws since the first selection in February 2004.
    Date Selection Point No of
    EOIs No of
    18 February 2004 195 126 371
    3 March 2004 185 255 699
    18 March 2004 185 98 277
    2 April 2004 180 330 879
    14 April 2004 180 62 158
    28 April 2004 170 653 1,659
    12 May 2004 165 533 1,312
    26 May 2004 160 538 1,206
    9 June 2004 155 551 1,262
    23 June 2004 150 666 1,393
    7 July 2004 140 648 1,355
    21 July 2004 130 705 1,551
    4 August 2004 115 1,149 3,005
    18 August 2004 110 969 2,522
    1 September 2004 100 1,434 3,647
    15 September 2004 100 1,001 2,662
    29 September 2004 100 862 2,276
    13 October 2004 100 807 2,103
    27 October 2004 100 750 1,872
    10 November 2004 100 666 1,621
    24 November 2004 100 703 1,785
    8 December 2004 100 727 1,812
    23 December 2004 100 833 1,990
    5 January 2005 100 340 879
    19 January 2005 100 840 2,029
    2 February 2005 100 771 1,841
    16 February 2005 100 834 1,994
    2 March 2005 100 856 2088
    16 March 2005 100 906 2160
    30 March 2005 100 856 2107
    TOTALS 20,469 50,515


    6. Residence applications accepted and approved ? year to date
    The chart below outlines how many residence applications have been accepted and approved to date in 2004/05:

    Applications On-hand Residence Declines Residence Approvals
    Stream Applications People Applications People Applications People
    Business 4,433 11,662 1,256 3,443 7,313 18,387
    Family Sponsored 8,449 12,474 651 1,102 7,208 9,541
    International/ Humanitarian 1,459 3,533 79 180 1,096 2,675
    Total 14,341
    1,986 4,725 15,617 30,603
    Report prepared 30/03/2005
    1. On-hand applications (from lodgement) as at 25/03/2005
    2. Decisions and declines from 1/07/2004 to 25/03/2005
    3. Based on 2004/05 allocation of 45,000.
    Please note: One application can represent several people such as the principal applicant and family

    For the 2004/05 financial year, Government has allocated 45,000 (up to 50,000) places for people to be granted New Zealand residence under the immigration programme. The categories under the programme are as follows: made up of:
    ? Skilled/Business Stream (60 percent) ? Skilled Migrant Category (SMC), closed General Skills Category, Work to Residence, Investor, Entrepreneur, and Employees of relocating businesses.
    ? Family Sponsored Stream (30 percent) ? Partnership, Dependent Child, Parent, Sibling, Adult Child, Family Quota, Family-Sponsored Transitional Policy, closed Humanitarian category
    ? International Humanitarian Stream (10 percent) ? Refugee Quota (750), Refugee Status, Refugee Family Quota (250), Samoan Quota (1,100), Pacific Access (650), Victims of Domestic Violence, Contingency/Ministerial Direction, International Humanitarian Transitional Policy.

    As a result, 27,000 (up to 30,000) people will be approved under the Skilled/Business Stream as part of this year?s immigration programme.

    Of these, 19,000 (up to 22,000) to people will be under the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC), with the remaining 8,000 from the closed General Skills, Work to Residence, Investor, Entrepreneur, and employees of relocating businesses categories.

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