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    Default Heavy Vehicle Driver

    The occupation "Heavy Vehicle Driver" appears as being needed in all areas on the "Immediate Skills Shortage List". Does this list count towards your points on the "Skilled Migrant Visa". This really is not made clear ANYWHERE !!!!!!!!!!!! Our whole decision rests on the answer to this.
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    Default Heavy Vehicle Driver

    There has been a recent change in the name of these lists that immigration use.

    The 'Immediate Skills Shortage' list is what was formerly the Occupational Shortages List. This list was for people who were applying for work permits, as opposed to residency.

    The 'Long Term Skills Shortage List' was formerly the Priority Occupations List. Having a job on this list meant you could claim extra points for having a job in 'An area of absolute skills shortage'.

    What you need to know is whether or not your job is classed as skilled, which neither of these lists particularly tell you. To find out, take a look at a post I have just done, entitled 'SM 7.10 Skilled Employment'. If anything in that post sounds like you, then you have a chance!

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