You might have heard about changes to New Zealand immigration policy. The first of these changes happened back in October 2016 where the points required for a residence application under SMC was raised to 160. There have been many changes and there are more to come so I thought it would be useful to post an overview as many of the comments on this forum now relate to "old" immigration policy. You need to find out how you fit in with the new immigration criteria.

80 points are now available for a job offer outside Auckland and this was introduced to take the pressure off the Auckland housing market by making it almost impossible for people to reach the 160 threshold with a job offer in Auckland (job offer in Auckland only attracts 50 points) whilst making it easier to reach the threshold if the job offer is outside Auckland.

A salary threshold is also about to be introduced where a salary less than $42k NZD per year will mean the job offer is not classed as Skilled for residence.

It is election year here in NZ (2017) and if there is a change in Government then there could be even more changes on the way.

The parent visa category is still closed but there have been no changes in regard to work to residency (talent)