We (my wife and I) have a marriage certificate vouched by the state of Kerala, India. But do we have to prove explicitly for skilled migrant visa that my wife and I have lived together for a period of more than 12 months? I am the primary applicant.

I am employed at a global consultancy firm , so in my work experience certificate, my city is not mentioned. Although my wife has been in Pune, India from the time we married in 2014, my job demands a lot of travel, but all within India post marriage (2014).

Does the immigration officer require a separate document proving that we have stayed together for a period of 12 months? (My wife and I haven't gone outside the borders of India since we married.)....What are some of the common documents submitted to prove staying together?

Is it mandatory that my wife attempts IELTS? Do I receive any extra points for spouse IELTS score?
My score now.
(IT developer programmer)
25 - 8+ years of work experience
15 - 6+ years of experience in future growth area.
50 - Education . I have a Masters degree in ERP Systems (software) from Victoria University, Melbourne (duration 14 months). Should I consider 60 or 50?
10 - Education in future growth area . Bachelors in Computer Engineering (4 years)
25 - Age (36 yrs).
Total = 125 only me.
20 - Spouse Education. Pursuing PhD in Chemistry due to finish in June 2017.....that makes 144 pts in total.

Does my spouse IELTS score add on to my points?