Is your Résumé meeting the NZ Job Market requirements? Is your CV portraying the right image for you? Is it outdated or confusing, missing valuable information or cluttered with too many words and costing you valuable job opportunities? Are you getting interviews or rejections?

Put your best foot forward with the right mix of personal and professional marketing, application tools and preparation and engage the CV Writing services of a local New Zealand recruitment professional who knows the current job market and how to tailor your Curriculum Vitae so it gets results. And to really get ahead of the game take advantage of One21’s job application tips, interview preparation and coaching.

CV FEEDBACK - NZ$55 If you are just looking for some constructive Feedback on your CV and are happy to spend the time making the changes yourself then we will take a look and email you back with bullet pointed suggestions on ways you can make improvements.

Overhaul your outdated Curriculum Vitae ....
Current style CV aimed at the NZ job market
Easy to read format, with key skills highlighted
Personalised profile and objective covering information employer is looking for
Key transferable skills, strengths, experience and achievements identified
Any gaps, time out and reasons for leaving explained professionally
Past employers logos, website links and company descriptions added
CV provided in email format (Word and PDF) so that it can easily be forwarded to potential employers and changed by yourself later at no extra cost
Simply email us your old CV and we will ask the right questions to fill in the gaps and give it a fresh new look.
See below for face to face consultation prices under Additional Services - this may be better if you don't have time for responding to email questions as we get everything covered in one meeting.

NEW CV - NZ$230
As above but starting from scratch if you don't have an old CV to work from or your current CV has very little to go on and needs a lot of work.
We'll gather the information, ask the questions and pull it all together
We go through each role in detail and provide you with an up to date and aesthetic CV that you can keep current as your career progresses

CV Consultation: We meet in person and get to know you better so that we can write a personalised profile and objective explaining who you are, your strengths and skills and what type of roles you are looking for. We offer suggestions on where to search and how to apply for jobs + dozens of Tips on what to do and what not to do in applications.
Designer CV's: Some CV's need to stand out from the crowd - ask us about optimizing your chances of getting noticed, we get technically creative!

Add on a Cover Letter template in the same style as your CV for ($15)
Or have a role specific cover letter created for a particular position you are applying for. Includes analysis of job and alignment with your skills and experience, addressed and aimed at the company you are applying to ($30)

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