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Thread: please help :(

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    Default please help :(

    hey guys and girls

    I'm married to a kiwi and am thinking of moving over there.... however i have a few questions and i would appreciate your input as i cant find answers to them anywhere else

    first of all, we rent in the UK.... so have no house to sell to move over there, so my question is.... approx how much money would we need to set our selfs up over there in terms of rent on a place and maybe 1 months worth of living until we both have jobs. we have a place to stay in her parents but i don't want to be there for years hehe.

    secondly, what is the job situation over there.... i am a manager in a call centre and it pays well in the UK..... are jobs easy to get in NZ?

    we would move to Auckland, but which is the best part to move to for public transport... neither of us drive for the reason we live in the city centre in the UK and we both work in that city, so its not a problem and we have access to buses, trams and trains on our doorstep

    if you can answer any of these questions then you will really be doing me a favour....



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    The job market is tight around the world and NZ is no exception. Pay will be likely less than what you make now but you are not coming to NZ be rich but live a rich life. Check places like jobs and for positions and pay scales. You can also heck trade-me for accommodation and prices as well.

    I thought some other people might respond to you but since no one else did I'll throw in my two cents worth.
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    generally, the payment in NZ is worse than in the UK and the living costs are higher. If you think about moving to Auckland I would def. recommend moving into the city centre because public transport is not really good if you live outside. Rent in Auckland is quite high - therefore, make sure that you have a couple of thousand NZ Dollars for your start. Finding a job is not very hard but finding a reasonably paid one is not easy and depends on you skills as well as on your work experience. Anyway, NZ is great - maybe you won't make big money but you will have a beautiful time there.
    All the best!!! :-)


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