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Thread: Car Insurance on a trip back to the UK

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    Default Car Insurance on a trip back to the UK

    Not too sure where to put this topic or wheather anyone can help or has suffered the same experience.

    My wife has returned to the UK for a six month holiday. This time she has decided to buy a cheap car, rather than hire one. Getting motor insurance has been a nightmare and she has only been able to find two companies who will insure her. All the others she tried said that as she was not a UK resident they could not insure her. The fact that they did for 35 years when she lived there and is still a UK citizen, seemed to count for nothing.

    She accepted this situation as she needed to have motor insurance. The insurers then said they needed proof of no claims bonus, which I sent from NZ. Having received it and now being aware that she has motor insurance on a car here in NZ, they have said she can't have motor insurance on two vehicles at the same time via different insurers and that she would have to suspend or cancel her NZ motor insurance. WE can't do this as both our cars are on policies with both our names as policy holders.

    It's not as if she can in anyway drive both cars at the same time and to me seems ridiculous in the extreme. Has anyone else experienced this stupid situation or have any views or advice?


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    Hi Dave, been a while huh?!

    Using a broker would probably be best due to their diverse underwriter connections, or if all else fails, maybe a friend / family member can insure it on her behalf, with her as a named driver? Car would need to be registered in the family members name I expect, but may be the only way.

    Does seem stupid that you can't insure 2 cars at the same time with different insurers. Insuring the same car twice, obviously fraud, insuring 2 cars - fact of modern life?!

    Hope all is well with you guys anyway :)


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