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Thread: Hi all the way from Spain

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    Smile Hi all the way from Spain

    Im Spanish, planning to move to Nz with my Samoan wife and son. But the problem is, I dont have any idea with my situation with european passport, if it will be easier arranging my situation+
    in NZ or no. Pls pls I need to know for sure. Any help pls!!.

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    i would rather suggest you may sort out all issues before moving to newzeland.. not because you may not find any help here just because it'll be difficult for you to do all on you own in a new country...

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    You should go to the embassy for more information about moving to NZ. You can't just go to a country and have a look around there. You must organize things in advance. Maybe you book a flight to NZ and check out if you like the country on a holiday and how the regulations are on immigration and visas. It's a long process before you can immigrate to a country that is not in the EU.
    Cheers and good luck!


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