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Thread: No longer meeting the minimum income criteria

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    Default No longer meeting the minimum income criteria

    My brother is the main sponsor for my parents application however due to recession he no longer meets the minimum income criteria .I have a stable job and own house. What are our options.
    Can anyone please help.

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    I'm thinking the crux of the matter would be whether you would be able to meet the minimum income. Without meeting the INZ requirements I guess it would be difficult to get an application accepted. It's always difficult when the goalposts move and the application requirements fall a bit short. Not sure if there's any way around it for residency if neither of you qualify as sponsors . One option for a temporary but longer term stay in NZ would be the Grandparent and Parent multi-entry visa in the hope that the financial situaton might hopefully resolve itself during this time.

    V3.110 Parent and grandparent multiple entry visitor visa instructions

    The objective of the parent and grandparent multiple entry visitor visa instructions is to facilitate opportunities for parents or grandparents (and their partners) to visit their New Zealand citizen or residence class visa holder children or grandchildren, through the grant of multiple entry visitor visas.

    To be granted a visa under these instructions applicants must:
    lodge an application for a visitor visa, as set out in E4, from outside New Zealand; and
    meet the requirements under Generic Temporary Entry Instructions; and
    provide a full medical certificate as if their intention were to remain in New Zealand for more than 12 months (see A4).

    Children of the principal applicant or of their partner may not be granted a visa under these instructions to accompany their parent but must obtain a visitor visa in their own right.
    Applicant(s) must be sponsored by the principal applicant's child or grandchild aged 18 years or older who meets the sponsorship requirements set out at E6.
    In cases where a child or grandchild is under 18 years of age and therefore cannot sponsor the applicant(s), a parent of the child or grandchild of the principal applicant may nevertheless sponsor the applicant(s) if they meet the sponsorship requirements set out at E6, regardless of whether that parent is a child of the principal applicant.
    Where (e) occurs, evidence must be provided of the family relationship of the child or grandchild to the sponsoring parent.
    The sponsor may sponsor only one person or one family unit (principal applicant and their partner) at one time.

    V3.110.1 Supporting documents

    Despite V2.20, people applying under these instructions must provide a Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry (INZ 1025) completed by their New Zealand citizen or residence class visa holder child or grandchild (or by the parent of their child or grandchild). (see E6)

    Immigration officers must sight the following:
    evidence of the New Zealand immigration or citizenship status of the sponsor; and
    documents that confirm the principal applicant's relationship to the child or grandchild.

    V3.110.5 Length of permitted stay

    Despite V2.5 and V2.15, applicants who are approved under these instructions may be granted a 3-year multiple entry visitor visa, allowing visits of 6 months from each date of arrival provided that:
    the sponsor intends to be in New Zealand during the period of any visit to New Zealand permitted by that visa; and
    the sponsor supports the application.

    Despite V3.110.5 (a) applicants are limited to a maximum stay in New Zealand of 18 months in total during the currency of the visa.
    V3.110.10 Issue of further multiple entry visitor visas under these instructions

    A further visitor visa under these instructions will not normally be approved within 3 years of the date that the most recent visa was granted under these instructions.

    The following people will not normally be eligible for a subsequent multiple-entry visitor visa under these instructions:
    people who were granted a visa under these instructions and whose sponsor was not in New Zealand during the period(s) of their visit(s) to New Zealand;
    any person granted a visa under these instructions, who remains in New Zealand for a period in excess of the maximum allowable stay (18 months).

    You can also read about it at the bottom of page 6 and then page 7 of Visitor Visa Guide. It's only a temporary solution and can involve some coming and going but could give your parents up to 18 months in NZ. They would need to get medicals done for this.
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