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    Hello Forum Goers,

    I apologise now for the essay i am about to write which may me littered with inaccuracies (but hopefully not)

    My name is Robert and Im a UK citizen and resident and have been for all my 27 years. My partner Sarah (also uk cit and res, age 21) and i wish to emigrate to New Zealand in a few years but require some friendly advice first.

    We are both about to finish our university degrees, (ME: BSc Hons applied animal behavioural science and welfare, and SARAH: Bsc Hons conservation and biodiversity) Sarah is most likely going to do a PGCE (teaching top of course) and teach primary school for a few years to get some experience.

    I've always wanted to join the police force and my degree may help me in later years if I was able to move to the dog unit. As far as i am aware you need to be a permanent resident to apply to the NZ police force. Is there any way to gain permanent residency right away or will we need to move and work in NZ for 2 years before being able to apply for it?

    As we wont be ready for a few years i was planning on joining the specials over here (same as police only you volunteer) and work as a animal behavioural consultant for problem behaviour pets. I'd love to work in my degree field which is actually very broad but if NZ is anything like the UK animal science jobs are few and far between. But if there is anything else anyone can recommend i do to boost my chances of employment in NZ Id be happy to hear them.

    Any advice or feedback is much appreciated.

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    Hi Warbis

    Apologies for the delay in replying. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to get residency in NZ. There are strict criteria to be met e.g. you or your partner must already have job skills and qualifications that NZ needs badly (shown on the Long Term Skill Shortages List ) or either of you has immediate family who have been in NZ for a minimum of 3 years, holding their own residency visa. There are a couple of other ways to get in, like working your way to residency but, again, you need certain skills and also a job offer. Since recent changes in policy, permanent residency only comes after satisfying certain criteria from the time 'ordinary' residency is granted i.e. getting to NZ to activate it within 12 months of granting and then remaining in the country for a minimum of 6 months in each of the first 2 years. Previously you would have been granted permanent residency first and then, after completing the above process, you would be granted an Indefinite Returning Residents visa (now refered to as pemanent residency). You can read about it here if you haven't already come across it.

    As you have a few years yet before you want to make the move, it gives you an advantage in assessing the best way to go about finding jobs in NZ and Sarah getting at least 2 years' teaching experience under her belt (needed for registration with the NZ Teachers' Council). I get the impression that NZ is very interested in caring for its agricultural and horticultural wellbeing so, if you know the right place to look, you may be lucky and find yourself a job if you start researching now.
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