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Thread: Help needed - SMC visa advice, timings gone awry!

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    Default Help needed - SMC visa advice, timings gone awry!

    Hi Everyone,

    Our visas were appproved in principle on the 9th of January, REALLY quickly, as I had a job offer to start April 1st. We just needed: (1) proof that my wife and I had lived with each other for the last year (our case officer received the documents and was happy with this) ; (2) a hard copy of the signed contract (our case officer had a pdf copy)- my employer-to-be sent this and a copy to me- I emailed my case officer to ask if it had arrived, and she said it hadn't yet (January 24th), and basically told me to relax, and that everything was in order. We did... and heard nothing so I emailed her yesterday, February 9th, and received an out office reply to say that she was out of the office until the 27th of February. We also needed to send payment details for the migrant levy which we did by email.

    Given my start date of April 1st, and we booked flights on March 21st (verbally the case officer acknowledged that although they recommend flights are not booked until visas are received, she thought we would be fine).

    Honestly, I'm a little anxious (perhaps an understatement), as we have tenants moving into our house mid March, I have quit my job (I had to give 3 months notice, if I did not do this I couldn't start on April 1st), and we have flights booked. We haven't booked anything else as we wanted to wait until the visas landed in the post, although we do need to get the shippers in (they are waiting in the wings) and are lined up to come in the first week of March. If we did not do these things, we would not be able to start my job on April 1st.
    I am sure it will sort itself out, but feeling totally out of control here, essentially my life is in ImmigrationNZ's hands, and even then nothing will happen until 27th when our case officer will return to work, and we're hoping she can help finalize everything quickly.

    Our case officer is great, and I'm hoping that she has everything she needs to process the payment. However, as I have started to panic I sent an email to the SMTeam at ImmigrationNZ yesterday Feb 9th to ask for advice. Is there anything else I can do, should I just back off, and hope for the best? This is the first point in the whole process where I have started to feel a little stressed.

    Any ideas of back up plans? We have one way tickets- could we fly out on March 21st, and take the copy of the job contract? Saying we are on holiday, but residency is being finalized, and I hope to start work on April 1st, but clearly won't if I don't have the visas? I need to keep my employer-to-be updated.

    Any advice is appreciated.



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    OK, panic over. The SMTeam got back to me to see that we are in the queue for dishing out the visas and sending our passports back, so we will be fine apparently! A BIG relief, a lesson in trust I guess. :-)

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    Glad you're sorted now Mark and all is well. Good luck with your new life downunder .
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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