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Thread: Please Help-Residency Visa Advice

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    Default Please Help-Residency Visa Advice

    I have been in NZ for nearly 4 years, i came over with my then partner. We have a child together (who was born here) i am in the process of applying for residency with my partner sponsoring me and we separated whilst my application was going through. Will i have to go home or can i apply by myself, i have a job. Also, my son is currently having treatment due to being born with a birth defect

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    Hi Elmollie

    This is a situation where you would be better talking to INZ directly. Technically, because your former partner is sponsoring you, it could nullify the application if you can't prove a genuine and stable relationship. Sometimes, however, INZ will sometimes allow people with certain job skills the country needs or other factors to continue with a residency application. The fact that you had a child born in NZ might also help. This is something you need to talk over with them as only they can decide. Normally, unless you have specific job skills, you wouldn't qualify to apply for residency on your own so they need to look at the whole picture before deciding.
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