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Thread: In law moving to NZ and I'm worried about finances

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    Default In law moving to NZ and I'm worried about finances

    My father in law is looking to move to NZ and he is cagey about his finances and does not have the best track record. I am concerned about what our responsibility is financially if he runs up debts here. In the form there is the terminology of

    I undertake to repay any costs to the New Zealand Government, or a third party, which result from my failure to meet my obligations as a sponsor

    Does anyone know to what extent we will be responsible and what third party means with this? Or can anyone direct me to a site/person that will be able to answer this for me?

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    Hi Joan. Welcome and Season's Greetings to you from MTNZ.

    If your husband wants to sponsor his father for residency in NZ, he will need to undertake to support him for at least the first 5 years, if it becomes necessary.

    A sponsor must undertake to ensure that financial support and accommodation is provided to you, if necessary, for at least your first 5 years as a resident in New Zealand. Sponsors who gained residence in New Zealand on the basis of their status as refugees are only obliged to accommodate you for the first 5 years of your residence (if necessary).

    From here.

    I guess this would include covering his debts, too . I think the business about repaying the NZ Government etc. is to do with the fact that, if your f-i-l had to rely on your husband's support but your husband couldn't provide this support, his father could be deported and, I'm guessing, it could be the expenses involved in this procedure that the government would need reimbursing.

    If the residence application of the person(s) you are sponsoring is approved, it will be a condition of their visa that you, the sponsor, will meet the sponsorship undertakings for a certain number of years after residence is granted. If you do not meet these undertakings, the visa holder may become liable for deportation. The details of the undertakings you must agree to and the duration they will apply for are explained in this form.

    From here.
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