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Thread: How to go about getting residency with my partner?

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    Default How to go about getting residency with my partner?

    Hiya everyone

    I have lived in New Zealand for the last 5 years on a student visa. My partner is a New Zealander, we have been together for 2 years and have been living together and had a joint bank account for 9 months.

    One of my friends (who got his residency through his partner), said that in a year's time I should be eligible to apply for residency through my partner. He also said I wouldn't need to apply for a work permit first. Is this correct? Because time and time again I was told that I'd have to apply for a work permit first.

    Thank you

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    You should be able to apply for residency under Partnership once you have been living with your partner for 12+ months and have evidence to support this. There is another way of eventually getting residency which does involve getting a work visa first but this is mainly used for people who haven't been living together for the required time. The work visa allows them to spend this time together before applying for residency. As you have lived with your partner for nearly 12 months and presumably have evidence of this, you should soon be able to apply under the Partnership Category which doesn't involve getting a work visa. While you are waiting for your residency application to be processed, I would mention that you need to be covered by a valid temporary visa at all times.
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