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Thread: Travel isurance to Australia or anywhere else as a non resident of NZ

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    Default Travel isurance to Australia or anywhere else as a non resident of NZ

    Hi all,

    I'm looking at going on holiday to Aussie, trouble is I'm on a work to residence visa/permit and my partner is on a work permit, seems no nz insurance companies will touch you as although you ordinarily resside in NZ you have to be an official resident, also to get insurance from the UK means you'd have to have lived there for the last 6months we've been here in NZ for over a year, am at a bit of a dead end, don't want to risk travelling without insurance as my current insurance from the UK has long since run out, any websites or companies/policies you know of would be appreciated cheers

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    Can't you take out travel insurance through the travel agent you booked your holiday with or online, if you booked that way? Usually you're asked at the time of booking whether you want to take out insurance and you don't need residency to do so. It should cover you for the whole of your holiday.
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    go to southern cross travel insurance and book it over the internet @ or call 0800 800 571 toll free and book it over the phone. Easy peasy.


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