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Thread: Now we have our PR and are no longer casuals

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    Default Now we have our PR and are no longer casuals

    Well after a long four and half years of living in sunny Dunedin we have at last got our passports with our PR STAMP.
    Having been on a Business investor visa for the first two years to get what we thought was a PR we had to go in and out with our RVV in passports.
    But now we have finally got the big stamp which means we can come and go as we please

    I must admit time has flown by ( apart of course from the dreaded two years running our own business.

    And now jobs are few and far between so we just get our beer and wine money each week.

    Ok, we miss the big pay cheques we used to get and wouldnt have dreamed are earning the wages we now earn, but we are lving the dream in NZ.

    We have learnt a lot over here and whilst we love many things about Dunedin and New Zealand I'm getting itchy feet again to travel become I become a boring old fart...
    Time will tell..

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    Well done Mark. It's been a long and winding path for you but you got there. All credit to you for hanging on in there and making it happen. Good luck for the future.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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