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Thread: In big trouble right now !!

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    Default In big trouble right now !!


    I 'am in a big trouble right now, My student visa expires on 31st July 11 and i have to renew it with my education providers. Unfortunately my parents got a bit late in sending the school fees and I would only be able to renew my visa around 1st week of August. Will this impact my visa renewal and show me as an illegal alien ? I am in middle of my degree right now and really cant afford to be thrown off the country. Any advice please ...

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    Anyone please ??? Really need a suggestion ...

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    I suggest you contact INZ directly and ask for their advice or go straight to your education provider if they are the ones who deal with visa renewals. It will give you the opportunity to explain to them what has happened. I don't think anyone outside could say what the outcome will be but try to speak to them as soon as possible to limit the amount of damage.
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