Woman faces boot despite NZ family
By Lincoln Tan 5:30 AM Wednesday Jul 6, 2011

Charlaine Hodgson was held in custody for two weeks. Photo / Natalie SladeAn Englishwoman whose family has permanent residence faces deportation because her natural father - whom she has never met - did not sign forms for her residency.

Charlaine Hodgson, a 26-year-old former bar manager in Hamilton, was arrested in May while making a police report about a fight and was detained in custody for about two weeks.

Immigration New Zealand said she had been here unlawfully since 2001 and issued a deportation order.

However, she moved to New Zealand aged 13 with her two half-siblings and mother Sandra in 1998 after her mother married Simon Woodward, who is a New Zealand citizen.

All obtained New Zealand permanent residence except Miss Hodgson, because they could not produce a letter of consent from her biological father - who never married her mother and whom she has never met - allowing her to live in New Zealand.

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