I am happy to be one of the members of this forum.
I have some questions to ask.
I have a bachelor degree in Teaching English ( TSOL). I am from Persia and English is a second language in my country. I have 8 years experience as a full time teacher in high school.
Please help me by answering each following questions that u know:

1: Teachers should register in teacher council of NZ. I am not sure they register me as an English teacher, because i have heard that they register native speakers of English as English teachers. Despite of what NZ officials declare in their rules, but some teachers that teach in NZ says that there is no occupation for nonnative teachers in teaching English in real world. Is that really so?
2: Is registry mandatory for teachers to apply EOI?
3: If it s not mandatory, will i lose any points?

I fill EOI form for practice, and i think only people who want to claim for bonus points of absolute skill shortage should provide registration, according column 4 in long term skills that mentions:
In order to claim bonus points for qualifications in an area of absolute skill shortage under the Skilled Migrant Category, applicants must meet the following specifications: Bachelors degree (or equivalent) with a major in a NZ teaching subject AND a secondary teaching qualification recognized for registration purposes by the New Zealand Teachers Council OR a four year Bachelor of Education/Teaching (Secondary) with a major in a NZ teaching subject

Besides in immigration website of NZ it is mentioned that:
All teaching qualifications and degrees in Education will need to be assessed by the NZQA for teacher registration and salary purposes, should an applicant wish to enter the teaching profession within New Zealand.

I know qualifications should be assessed by NZQA. But, does it mean that Teacher registration is mandatory too?