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Thread: "Need Help About Student Visa file reviewing"

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    Default "Need Help About Student Visa file reviewing"

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask for help, as I am new to this forum.

    Here is my problem:
    I am an Indian. I have completed my BCA with 73% aggregate in 2009. I am married. I have 8 bands in IELTS (July 2009). I applied in Unitec, Auckland and I got admission in LEVEL 8 in PGDip in computing for Feb/March batch. I also paid my entire fees for the PGDip in December 2010.

    I submitted my file on 28th January 2011 under FTS system. My husband and I have joint account and we have approximately 7-8 lacs in the account. Funds were 1 day old when the file was submitted and entire money was transferred to our account from my father-in-law's account.

    Approximately 8-10 days later, I got a phone interview and I was asked a few questions about my education, my husband's brother and finally about my husband. Nothing much here.

    Then I received the following letter:

    12 February 2011

    Application number: **********
    Client number: **********

    Dear **********,
    Thank you or your application for a Student Visa. We received your application on 01 February 2011.
    This application has been placed in the “Need to review” stream because:
    • Verification required
    Please note that we are unable to provide any further explanation for the application being placed in the need to review stream before it is allocated to an Immigration Officer for further review.
    This application will be allocated to an Immigration Officer for processing within 15 weeks from the lodgement of this application. Any subsequent change to this time frame will be conveyed to you. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide any status updates on the application within the indicated timeframes.
    The time taken to process applications varies from case to case, depending on the level of verification or investigation required. It may however take a further 07 – 09 weeks for the application to be finalised.
    If we have concerns about your documents or any aspect of your application, we will give you an opportunity to comment once the application has been allocated to an Immigration Officer.
    What happens if your circumstances change?
    You must tell us about any changes to your circumstances that may affect your application for a visa or permit, including:
    changes to the personal or family circumstances of any person included in the
    changes to your business or employment
    changes to your study if you are applying for a student permit
    If you do not tell us about changes to your circumstances, any visa issued or permit granted may later be withdrawn. While you are in New Zealand , you must make sure you hold a valid permit at all times.

    Make sure you keep your documents and this letter together in a safe place for future reference.

    Please note that we do not return copies of the documents you send to us, or original medical or police certificates.
    If you have any further queries you may write quoting the application and client numbers (see the top of this letter) to
    Gurpreet Singh Chhatwal
    Support Officer / Key User
    Immigration New Zealand| New Zealand High Commission| Sir Edmund Hillary Marg, Chanakyapuri| New Delhi-110021| INDIA .

    I have no information about my file or anything else after this. I missed my session. my agent is not helping me with anything. they did not apply for my re-admission after i missed my session. they said it is the job of visa officer to inform the college for my re-admission. Otherwise, they said that they have no grounds to ask for re-admission this time. I had to literally beg them for whole 20 days to finally get it done. I have received my admission letter for July session now on 29th March 2011. They simply say that they have no idea about my file and that they can not contact immigration NZ for the status of my file. they asked me not to contact anyone there myself too.

    I am not sure about what should I do. I do not see any problem with my academics. I can't see anything there on the grounds of which, I might be denied a visa or that my file needed a review. I am not even told about any problem in my file by the Immigration office, nor have I been asked to submit any document or answer any of their query etc. that they might have found any problem with. :( I am completely disheartened here.

    Is there any hope for the coming session? Does this reviewing mean rejection? Please advice me what should I do as my agent is not willing to help me or answer any of my query.

    any help from anyone would be highly appreciated!!!

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

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    Don't worry too much, it just means something in your application requires further verification. This can be something like IELTS certificates, prior study verification, verification of enrollment on the course you've applied for etc. It's just to make sure that everything in your application is correct.

    I know it's frustrating, but hang in there. Verification doesn't mean refusal!

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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