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Thread: Application for PR or Work Permit?

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    Default Application for PR or Work Permit?

    Hi all,

    1st of all it has been a while since I've been on the Forum (after obtaining my initial work permit) - everyone here has been incredibly helpful which has been very much appreciated - Thank you. However I could do with a little bit more advise please.

    I have been living with my finace here in NZ since Feb 2010. Obtained a 1yr Work Permit & Work Visa (via partnership) which expires in Aug 2011. I have been working full time since Nov 2010.

    My question is what should I do next? I plan to marry my fiance (a NZ Citizen) at the end of this year, we've been living together in a stable relationship since Feb 2010. We want to apply for PR via partnership. We are going to wait until we have been officially living together for 12 months and apply in March this year. However my Work Permit/Visa runs out in Aug and the application for PR could take some time - and what if it gets turned down? We would be left in a very precarious situation - I may not be able to stay for my own wedding!?

    Should I apply for an extension to my Work Visa now and delay applying for PR? Or could I ask to get an extention on my Work Permit whilst a PR application is being processed? It doesn't seem practical to apply for both at the same time as I would need to pay for two sets of paperwork (ie/ Medical, Police check etc.)?

    Any advise appreciated. x

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    This is what INZ says about temp visas about to expire although this particular item concerns someone who would have their residency application already under way. In your case, if you apply for an extension of your work visa, it might only be extended for a year and then you would be in the same position again if you delay your PR application. Regarding duplicate paperwork for a work visa application and the residency one, I believe you can use one set of medical and police certificates for both, if necessary, although you would still need to pay separate fees for the actual residency application.

    My residence is still in process, but my temporary visa will expire soon.

    Lodging a residence application does not mean you can let your temporary entry visa expire.

    You must be on a valid visa at all times while in NZ, you must either obtain a further temporary entry visa to remain in NZ longer, or you may depart NZ and wait for your resident visa decision offshore (please advise your immigration officer of your contact details in this case).

    To obtain a further visa, you must meet the current policy requirements of the visa type you wish to apply for. Please refer to the visit, study and work sections of our website for more information.

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    thankyou mother bear, we will go down that path after a chat with immigration , thanks again

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