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Thread: Sponsoring Parents?

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    Default Sponsoring Parents?

    Hi Everyone

    Haven't been on here in a very long time. Been here over 2 1/2 years now. Happily settled in Red Beach and working in Ponsonby. Life is good as is the weather

    My question is about my parents wanting to come and live here . They are about to submit their application and I know its up to 2 years before they are even assigned a case officer. My problem is that in 4 years from now, when my girls have finished their uni education we will probably follow the girls to Aussie.

    Does anyone know where this leaves us with regard to being my parents sponsor for 5 years once they actually get here (in 3+years from now) - does that mean we cannot move for over 8 years ? Does it mean we still have to provide for them (if they need it) even if we're not in the country?

    My plan is to buy here and just rent out our home while we work overseas for a while.

    Any thoughts/ideas would be welcomed.

    I'm not overly happy they want to move (sorry for all those who love their parents, I would love too.....) but I moved 12000 miles to start a new life!


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    Welcome back, Rho . Glad to have you with us once again.

    Firstly, you need to have held NZ residency for a minimum of 3 years before you can sponsor a family member, so your parents are a bit hasty if they are thinking of submitting now . Not sure how you would stand with working in Oz. It mentions in here about sponsors working in Oz, but says 'prior to the application'. I can find anything, so far, that says what happens after. This could either be because INZ assumes, if you are bringing your parents to NZ, you would want to be there with them OR that there is no requirement, once the application has gone in, for you to stay in NZ.

    You meet the “centre of gravity” requirement and general requirement, and your child is a NZ resident but works mostly in Australia
    No – your sponsor must spend at least 184 days in NZ in each of the 3 years prior to your application

    In here it says a sponsor needs to be in NZ but, again, it doesn't say whether you need to be there after residency has been granted. It seems pretty certain that you would need to 'provide', if necessary, for your parents for the full 5 years as a condition of their being granted residency. If this fails, they could be deported. Of course, if they are fully able to provide for themselves, that wouldn't be an issue. Below are the undertakings that you would have to sign for on the application form, wherever you are in the world during that 5 year period:

    Sponsor’s undertakings
    I understand that the sponsorship period is either:
    1. Five years from my parent’s/grandparent’s/legal guardian’s first day in New Zealand as a resident, or two years from my sibling or adult child’s first day in New Zealand as a resident.
    2. I will provide accommodation in New Zealand for the sponsored person(s) for the duration of the sponsorship period if necessary, and
    3. I will pay for the sponsored person(s) to be repatriated or deported, and all costs associated with their repatriation or deportation, if necessary*, and
    4. I will provide all necessary financial support to the sponsored person(s) for the duration of the sponsorship period4. *, and
    5. I undertake to repay any costs to the New Zealand Government, or a third party, which result from my failure to meet my obligations as a sponsor*, and
    6. I acknowledge that if I fail to repay any such costs to the New Zealand Government, or a third party, a debt for the amount of those costs is then due to the Crown which may then be enforced against me in the New Zealand Courts*.

    I'm assuming (grasping at straws ) that your parents satisfy all the requirements for a residency application e.g. health, character, centre of gravity i.e. you don't have more brothers and sisters outside NZ?

    Waiting times for parent category applications could be up to 2 years but I've also heard of it happening a lot sooner. It depends on which branch is dealing with the application, how busy they are and how many applicants in other categories e.g. SMC are going through the process at the same time. Priority is given to those with skills but, if the numbers drop, it can speed up the process for other categories.

    Good luck with this one.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Thank you for all the info Mother Bear.

    It is interesting that I couldn't find any further information either - seems to be a bit of a grey area!

    We meet all the criteria as we have actually held our residency visa for over 4 years, we have only lived here for 1 1/2 and have now completed the mandatory 184 days for each of the three years :(

    My parents also meet all the relevant criteria and are financially independent (thankfully). Even the bit about family overseas as there is only myself and my sister and she too lives overseas - albeit Switzerland and they can't live there as they don't have sufficient funds to live there - you need a minimum retirement income of 50,000 GBP!

    It looks like that as long as they are ok, there shouldn't really be any issues with us not being in the country.

    Without being unwelcoming, we are pinning our hopes on it taking at least 2 years before they are assigned a case officer - fingers crossed.

    Will keep everyone posted in case there are others out there in my situation.

    Otherwise life is cool here, really enjoying it.

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