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Thread: Moving from Aus to NZ

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    Default Moving from Aus to NZ

    Hello to all you Kiwis,
    We moved to NZ about 12 years ago, but had to return to the UK after only a few months. Whilst there, we fell in love with Waiheke Island and often have dreamed of returning.
    In 2008, after having a son, we moved to Australia to escape the recession as there was work there for my husband. We have never settled, and I was wondering how easy it would be to move to NZ from here? I know Australian citizens can live in NZ, but we must wait another 2 years before we can apply for citizenship.
    Any advice out there would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Hi Dolly,

    As your old residence status would have lapsed and you're not an Australian Citizen (I think you have to wait a further 2 years after being granted citizenship to qualify for a permanent stay in NZ) then you would have to go through the whole application process again, most probably the skilled migrant route. As you've gained NZ residency before, and you've obviously achieved Australian residency too, then as long as you score enough points and preferably have a job offer then it shouldn't be too complicated for you!

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