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Thread: What salary?

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    Default What salary?


    I'm new to these parts *waves*

    Currently applying for a job with the new Auckland Council as a resource consent planner. The online form asks me to put down an expected salary but to be honest I have no idea what this kind of work pays in NZ. I don't want to go too high but I need to set a minimum for what I am prepared to work for.

    I've had a good think about this and realised Its pointless aiming for my current salary here in the UK because the cost of living is likely to differ so much, so I guess the question is, what standard of living do I have, expect and how much will it cost.

    If say, I wanted the following, then what kind of salary would I need to earn:

    Live in Auckland - shared house ok. Somewhere nice(ish), commutable to the CBD but not in a flat with no garden etc. Hip and edgy is good but not too rough.
    Run a car - though not an expensive one
    About 1600 NZD left over (my current disposable income from my 30k UK salary) after paying all my standard bills (Insurances, bills for said car and home)

    I'm 34, don't have kids or a partner and spent 4 months in NZ back in 2006 so have an approximate idea of food, clothing costs, travel etc.

    Many Thanks!

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    Well, this is a really tricky one. We know you want $1600 spare cash a month, so you already need $20k. House rent in Auckland, maybe around $400/week on your own so cheaper if sharing. You don't get much of a garden for that in Auckland though! Anyway, adding rent takes you up to needing $40k. A car isn't too costly, if you have full no claims bonus then fully comprehensive insurance for a year will cost around $400 - $500 per year, and petrol around $2000 per year for a simple commute and the occasional trip out somewhere! You could probably survive OK on maybe $150/week for food on your own. So far we're up to roughly $50k. Apart from bills, which will obviously vary greatly depending on what you use, you should just amend these figures to suit your lifestyle. If you smoke, like to go out to restaurants etc then add a few $k more.

    So, having said all that, I also have no idea what a resource consent planner would expect to earn. Not sure if this is what your job would be, but here is some info on pay: Planner: Pay and progression - Career Services rapuara

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks for that taffy its really useful stuff!

    Loving your tag line by the way.


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