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Thread: Applying for dependent visa under the "family stream"

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    Default Applying for dependent visa under the "family stream"

    I'm going to apply for a student visa (post graduate study) very soon. Want to take my husband along with me.

    What are the documents that my husband will need to submit since he will apply for a work visa/permit under the family stream. Can someone give me list of documents he will need to submit apart from marriage certificate and joint bank account statement.

    He does not have any arranged employment in NZ and will look for jobs once his visa is approved.

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    I don't think he would need much in the way of additional documentation other than you/he may need to provide evidence of your relationship and maybe give a copy of your student visa. His application form should mention which documents are required.

    Your partner holds a New Zealand student visa or permit

    You must be in a genuine and stable relationship with your partner and they must hold a New Zealand student visa and/or permit to study for:

    * a qualification in an area of absolute skill shortage as specified in the Long Term Skill Shortage List, or
    * a postgraduate qualification.

    If you look on here other categories mention needing certain documents e.g. police certificate and sponsorship forms but the item for students doesn't ask for this.
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    Thank you so much!!!

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