Hello one & all,

Well the title of my post pretty much says it all, ive been over here in the UK for 10yrs now, pretty soon after i arrived here i met my now wife & soon after that we had a darling daughter :) we have just discovered that we have another on the way - yahoo :)
This second child has put many things into perspective for us & we have decided to move back to NZ & raise our family there (who wouldnt) ;)

My lovely wife is Polish, our daughter & impending scone grabber both have/will have British citizenship - I myself am Kiwi through & through :)
My entire family are all Kiwis & live in Chch.

Now i have heard all types of horror stories about what i will come up against trying to move us all to NZ ... frankly im terrified & dont know where to begin

Do they need visas or permits? how much will it cost? Are they allowed to work?

These are the first few steps for us & really we just need to know for sure how to go about it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thankyou in advance. Bill.