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Thread: Non-resident father to NZ resident immigration enquiry.

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    Default Non-resident father to NZ resident immigration enquiry.

    I have a daughter with my ex-partner who is a NZ citizen and my daughter currently lives with her. As her father it is up to me to look after her and provide for her, I currently hold a work permit, but I was wondering whether anyone had any information on whether having family within the country would alter my immigration process should I go for residency? Hopefully that makes sense!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    INZ puts great pressure on applicants under the Family (Partnership) Category to be in a 'stable and genuine relationship'. If you have job skills that qualify you to apply for residency on your own, that is fine, but, if you need to rely on your ex-partner to sponsor you for residency, this could fall flat on its face because you wouldn't comply with the relationship requirements. Assuming you no longer live with your ex-partner, I doubt she would come into the picture as 'a family member' and I wouldn't like to say having a daughter in NZ would enhance your chances of getting residency. I have heard several times of a parent having to leave NZ because of visa problems and leaving behind a child who is a resident or citizen. Having close family members in NZ is always a bonus when applying for residency, but doesn't actually count for anything unless they are sponsoring you or you are claiming points for them under, say, the Skilled Migrant Category.
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