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    After a bit of advice for a friend who's also going through an immigration process. I can't find much info on it online - but what's the process for a labour market test - and roughly how long does this take? Is there anything he can do to aid his cause?

    Thanks for the help community - this is a hugely valuable website :)

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    I don't think it should take that long, but the main thing is that your friend and his future employer put together a sound case for hiring him as INZ will be checking to see if a kiwi can do the job just as well. It's up to his boss to fight for him if there turns out to be a problem.

    This gives an overview of the process and this is from the INZ website so you have some idea of what is involved.

    Evidence there are no New Zealand workers available

    To get an approval in principle before you apply, or to show us that there are no suitable New Zealand workers available when you are applying, the employer has to show that they have have genuinely searched for suitably qualified and trained New Zealand workers.

    The employer also has to explain why:

    * their particular job specifications are necessary for the work
    * New Zealand applicants are not suitable
    * New Zealand applicants cannot be readily trained.

    We also need to be satisfied that the employer has previously met and will continue to meet New Zealand employment and immigration laws.

    We usually conduct a labour market test to confirm that no suitable New Zealand workers are available.

    We will not consider that the evidence is sufficient if either of the following situations apply:

    * The advertising for the position is written in a way that discourages New Zealand workers from applying.
    * There are suitable New Zealand workers available. This includes cases where New Zealand workers are unwilling to take up the work because of the terms and conditions, such as salary or wages, the employer is offering.
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