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Thread: Auckland VS Wellington - Transport..

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    Default Auckland VS Wellington - Transport..

    As new people coming to NZ, we're STILL trying to decide WHICH city to move to. One thing that will be very important is transportation. We won't be bringing a car or buying one, so we'll have our feet, a couple of bikes, and whatever public transport there is.. advice?? Where is easier to get around? I'm a teacher, so I'll be moving to different public schools daily and need a reliable way to get around.. advice?? Anything I should be aware of BEFORE we choose?? HELP!!!!

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    While you're waiting for some personal info, perhaps you'd like to take a look on here under Travel & Transportation Related Websites. There are a few links relating to travel in and around Auckland and Wellington that might give some indication of how well you can get about. If any of the links are defunct, let me know and I'll try to update them. They've been on there for quite a while now.
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    Default Thanks!

    As always, much appreciated .. it seems as though we are leaning hard towards Wellington.. yaaaay! Finally a decision seems to be coming. :)

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    Here's my brief summary - a combination of my own views, and what I've heard from kiwis who have lived in both :

    Ultimately it's obviously your call, but here we go :

    I'm in NZ just now on my 2nd trip, and thinking about trying to stay long term. Before I came here I thought I wanted to avoid Auckland but when we landed we really grew to like it. Circumstances took us to Welly for my a job my partner got and we have a love/hate realationship with the place, depending on the wind and rain ;-)'s not called Windy Wellington for nothing!

    Auckland :
    - big city, 1.3m in the area I think
    - people who generally get a bad impression don't see much apart from Queen Street!
    - easy escape to beaches, mountains, bays and diving - everything within reach
    -....but it's far better to have our own vehicle to reach all these places!
    - city centre socialising maybe isn't the best and geared towards visitors and backpackers
    - ....but you have some great bars in the neighbourhoods like Parnell and Ponsoby and others.....but many would still consider this central Auckland. I don't think it's the same when you head further out where most people live.

    Wellington :
    - generally considered to be the cultural capital of NZ (but there's loads of things happening all over)
    - there's always something to do - festivals all the time, openings, events
    - generally considered to be more relaxed than Auckland
    - still plenty to do from here - mountain biking, diving, sailing, snorkelling, surfing, fishing all very easily accessed from the city centre, if not right in the city centre :-))
    - a bit more remote from the main tourist areas - e.g. 4hrs to Taupo etc etc
    - still a lot to do outside the city if you have transport - tramping, remote beaches etc but you can have plenty of fun within the city (
    - socialising - bars, cafe etc mostly in the city centre and there are LOADS of them
    - initially as a traveller you could bypass Welly in a day or two, see Te Papa museum and move on - this is a city to stay in, explore and let it grow on you
    - on a sunny day it kicks @rse - I cycle 20km from my doorstep around the coast, I see people snorkelling for paua, mussels, fishing, and cycling, running in my trip - every day I'm out
    - it can really suck when its windy (very regular) and wet, but you kinda forget about that when it's lovely
    - one of the most frustrating things for Wellington is that you can see the South Island, it's just "there" - about a 30 min drive away.....if you could drive over the water. Otherwise it's an expensive ferry with a car, but you could be a foot passenger and head to Picton!

    This post may be a bit biased as I'm based in Wellington and have been here for 2 months. I never stayed in Auckland more than 10 days - I'm sure I'd have fun there as well. I do have friends in Wellington that has helped a bit but we aren't socialising with them too much. It's a very easy city to walk around, and cycle, and buses will take you everywhere else.

    Oh and I'm not working just now so I can go for a cycle when the weather is good :-)

    I'll apologise to any residents I've offended!

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